Online Forms Processing

They are automatically pre-filled with Applicant/Employee information and can be sent, completed, returned, routed, and approved ... on-line!

 SmartForms reduce the hassle of paperwork and practically eliminate paper-based forms.  Our Automated Forms Processing technology makes it easy to convert your existing documents by adding interactive SmartFields.  No need to recreate – simply insert WinOcular SmartFields and you’re ready to go.

 Dramatic Process Improvement


·         SmartForms replace paper-intensive tasks and automate processes.

·         Every document can be a SmartForm,

·         Auto-fill and Auto-Route Documents,

·         Manage Approvals, Store, and Track Documents,

·         Hiring Example: I-9, W-4 & Hiring Documents,

·         Evaluations: for every employee group,

·         Employment Contracts: For every employee group

·         Save Paper, Toner, Time and Effort!

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