Document Management

eFolio Technology Overview

WinOcular organizes and stores each employee’s evaluation documents as electronic records.  They become more secure, safer, easier, and much faster to access (for authorized individuals).  When an applicant is hired, all documents and data are transferred to the employee electronic folder and to your HRMS/Finance system.

Gain additional benefits when you integrate eFolio with your HRMS or finance system. Data exchange options include ASCII, ODBC and XML.

eFolio is designed for integration with Symphony, the WinOcular Hiring Management software.  This extends the applicants-only version of eFolio which is included with all WinOcular Applicant tracking systems and flows their data directly to your Employee records.

As new hires come on board, imported or scanned documents during the hiring process will automatically be located in their employee records for easy retrieval.

eFolio Features


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