eFolio Features

HR Document & Records Management

 Go Paperless with your HR Records to save Time, Money, Effort and Space!.

 Convert Your Entire Employee File:

 ·         Transcripts

·         Certifications

·         Licenses

·         Evaluations

·         Military Records

·         Medical and Benefits Records

·         Payroll Data (Custom COLD and Data-stream capture w/overlays available)

·         HTML files

·         Images

Student Records Document Management

 Organizing and maintaining digital copies of all student records, correspondence and relevant documents is easy with the WinOcular Student Records Document Management software.

 Student information can be imported and updated from your existing student information system.  Each student record is uniquely indexed using the Student ID number (SID), which can be automatically generated by the system or based on the students Social Security number.

Popular Student Records

Tax Records Document Management

Organizing tax appraisals, assessment documents, legal files, plus managing all tax-related correspondence can overwhelm even the most efficient tax office.  CCR, Inc.’s Tax Department Records Document Management system organizes, manages and consolidates all tax record documents.  Everyone from appraisers to clerical workers to supervisors will benefit from the on-line, instant access.

WinOcular combines scanned documents, electronic correspondence, MS-Office documents –ALL data types, into objects that are filed, organized and stored in the HDRDM system.  This means that you can retrieve and view all documents and information in seconds.  Whether the document is an image of a citation, legal document, or correspondence such as letters or faxes, all of the information can be centrally organized and managed within the WinOcular system.