On-line Employment Applications

Symphony provides professional web-based employment applications that capture every detail you 

need to make good hiring decisions.  Limited only by your imagination, your applications can be tailored 

to gather information that meets your needs. 

 The WinOcular Reference-Standard templates provide a comprehensive foundation for your success.

 Example Applications

On-line employment applications build detailed profiles of your applicants.

Advanced Screening Tools

True Automation 

WinOcular Automates Job Searching AND Hiring!

Advanced job Postings attract & Impress the very best applicants – for every type of position


 Symphony is designed to provide regular and ongoing interaction with your applicants. 

 Symphony has auto-alerts for applicants when jobs that match their skills are posted,

it sends job-closing announcements, emails invitations and templated emails,

it event auto-deactivates inactive applicants.