Applicant Tracking

Symphony: Sophistication, without Complexity

The WinOcular Symphony® system modernizes all your Hiring and Employee Transfer processes. 

Symphony uses a unique and powerful process automation to reduce your administrative effort. 

Featuring a comprehensive suite of tools, Symphony includes; on-line Employment Applications,

Job Description Management, Applicant Screening, sophisticated Search & Selection tools, and reporting

 - all automated with our fully configurable workflow automation.  WinOcular sets the highest standard

for professional hiring technology.

At WinOcular, we don't oversimplify; we make complex tasks easy to manage.

WinOcular Offers Many Technologies to Manage Your HR Tasks

Symphony provides a comprehensive suite of tools to address your HR and Business challenges.  As Pioneers

in Automation, we consult with you to ensure that you take full advantage of our services and technology.

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