Work Smarter, Faster and More Effectively with WinOcular

 Since 1979, CCR, Inc. has designed, refined and enhanced solutions to organize and streamline your business.  

Our technology is focused on saving you time and effort, so that you can be more productive, in less time, with fewer people.

Comprehensive Recruiting, Applicant Tracking and Hiring Automation

Symphony takes the hassle out of hiring by providing a comprehensive suite of on-line employment tools.

 Using the latest recruiting technology, it features web-based Employment Applications, a Job Description database, Screening tools, Document Management, Security profiles, Workflow and Approvals Mgmt, Search and Selection and Data Exchange.

 WinOcular SmartForms, the next-generation of eForm technology

 SmartForms make Automated Forms Processing a reality by creating digital documents to replace existing paperwork. 

 You can automatically pre-fill forms, flow & send them, Allow the user to complete/sign the SmartForm, then flow them to the next appropriate person.

 SmartForms truly make “Paperless Paperwork” a reality.

Electronic Records, Document Management and Scanning

 eFolio is a web-based, multi-user document management solution.  Scan, store, track and instantly retrieve electronic records using our advanced role-based security profiles to ensure secure document access.

 Modules are available for Human Resources, Student Records, and Tax Records.  Custom solutions are a specialty - call for more information!

Case Management and Grievance Tracking

 Report, manage and track incidents, grievances and claims.

WinOcular Resolve® allows employees, supervisors, or the public to create Incident and Grievance cases over the Internet.  The system allows a "claim" to be reported, and then tracks and actively manages every stage to ensure a proper resolution.

Kenexa - Employee Screening and Evaluation

A Unique Approach

The Kenexa Cultural Indicator is a cutting-edge tool used to define a culture and fill a growing need within human

capital management that advances strategic recruitment and retention practices.

Performance Begins with Selection

 WinOcular has teamed up with SchoolWorks Hiring & Performance System offering a complete hiring and performance system with the ability to develop job-specific tools your school district can utilize for the hiring and development of top performers for virtually any position.

SelectRight-HR behavioral assessments have been designed specifically for School Districts to provide more effective, efficient screening of key high performance job behaviors essential to success. 

Online Video Interviews - Separating The Best From The Rest

Using the video interview, you can connect in a more personal fashion with great administrative professionals and smart teachers. Not only can you connect more personally, you can also cut out some of the middle steps in the recruitment process.

For instance, one-way video interviews can help you avoid time-consuming and inefficient phone screens. In a one-way video interview, candidates answer written questions from employers on video. This allows you to get a personal feel for the candidate, but spend less time talking to people who are all wrong for the job.

Whether you're hiring administrative professionals or great teachers, one-way video interviews allow you to hone your focus on only the best candidates. This can help you jump the skills gap by ensuring you don't waste your time on people who are all wrong for the job. For more information visit our partner SparkHIre.

Criminal Background Check Services

JDP’s proprietary national criminal database contains over 685M+ files and continues to proactively retrieve updates from sources across the US. 

Turnaround Time – Instant (if there is a hit, additional time needed for confirmation). 


For more information visit our partner, JDP.