WinOcular Resolve - Paperless Case Management

WinOcular Resolve allows employees, supervisors, or the public to create Incident and Grievance cases over the Internet. The system allows a claim to be reported, and then tracks and actively manages every stage to ensure a proper resolution.

All activities, from meetings and informal conferences, to details like phone notes, response letters, documentation, and video & audio recordings are linked the case providing you with a detailed log immediately at your fingertips.  You'll never need to hunt through file cabinets and old file folders again because the WinOcular Resolve securely manages the information and it right at your fingertips.

  • Easy Case/Incident/Grievance creation (Using rules and procedures appropriate for your business),
  • Event Tracking and Event Status,
  • Easy searching by Case ID, Name, Date range, Location, Category, Status or any combination of fields,
  • Document management of most file types (.PDF, .mov, .doc/.docx, .jpg, etc.)
  • Scanning: Optimized for Case Management
  • "Ad-hoc", and "Saved" queries streamline your Case Management
  • Scheduling of events (Meetings, Deadlines, Tasks),
  • Email reminders for Meetings and Events,
  • Email reminders related to critical deadlines,
  •  Saved and Ad-hoc data export